Target Ball (1)

Target Ball (1)
Item# Bcoul

Target Ball (1)
A.k.a. as "cochonnet" (little pig), "but" (target), "bouchon" (cork). In English some call it "jack", as in lawn bowling.

These qualify for official competitions:
- diameter 30 mm (= slightly less than 1 1/4 in.)
- weight between 10 & 18 grams (= 0.35 & 0.63 oz)
Made from hard boxwood. Matte, bright colors.

NOTE: our order minimum is $6. If you only order target balls, you'll need to order at least 4.

If you order only small, light, accessories we can usually ship in a padded envelope, 1st Class Mail, at $4.95. We will adjust the cost before charging your card or Paypal.