So sorry, we ran out of a few items. Some shipments from France got delayed :-(

While all you really need to play are boules and one target ball, some of these may come in handy.

If you order only small and light accessories we can usually ship, in a padded envelope, 1st Class Mail, at $4.95. We will adjust the cost before charging your card or Paypal.

Obut Target Ball (1)
Target Ball Set (10)
Magnet Boule Lifter
Folding Ruler with Extension
Accessory kit
Tape Measure - 3 meter
Wooden Boule Lifter - Kauri Wood
Petanque America Scoreboard
$13.00, 2/$24.00, 3/$30.00
Pocket Scorekeeper
Folding Circle
Easier to ship than the rigid one!
MAC Sport Chair
Obut Magnetic Target Balls
Magnetic targets - easily pick them up with your boule pick-up magnet.
Telescoping Magnetic Boule Lifter
Player's Circle
$14.00, 3/$36.00, 6/$66.00