2001 World Championships - Monaco, Sept 26 to 30.

Monaco 2001
The 2001 World Championships were held in Monaco, from September 26 to 30. It was the most prominent pétanque event ever.

Organized by the Monaco Boules Federation, under the patronage of HSH Prince Albert of Monaco, 43 countries competed in the site of the International Circus festival.

It started off with a bang, a Celebrity Trophy: 12 teams of 3 players, one of which led by Prince Albert himself, joined by a host of television, sports and show business personalities and pétanque champions.

The USA was represented by a team from the Mistral Club, in Worcester, MA. Here's a report about their qualification match for this Championship. They did very well and made it to the 16th finals. Especially in view of the fact that teams of the leading countries are virtually semi-professional.

HSH Prince Albert with some French VIP's. The arrival of the USA Team was marked by a standing ovation by the entire audience. A touching moment.
The Prince was a very serious contender. But his Monaco team lost the final of the Trophy against..... .... French soccer player Eric Cantona, best known for his years at Manchester United.
84-year young Henri Salvador, who recently topped the charts with his latest CD was solicited by pétanque and music lovers alike.
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The USA Team on opening night... ...and after their 13-9 win against Denmark.

You can find the complete scores on the website of the International Petanque Federation