Obut Glaneur Boule Lifter Magnet

Obut Glaneur Boule Lifter Magnet
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• With an easy, smooth gesture, you can pick up your boules after every "mène" (or “end”).
• The “Glaneur” boule lifter is an ideal playing accessory, which is very convenient for playing your game.
• With its unique system, boules and certain jacks can be picked up by magnet.
• Fitted onto your belt or trousers by its clip, the boule lifter is discreet with the magnet part folded back onto the clip.
• The magnetizing system and the ergonomic design of the bottom part provide ideal grip that adapts to all diameters of boules.
• The brand’s signature strip improves the tool’s grip and control.

Length: 90cm (3 feet) Materials: metal, magnet, polyester strap

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