Obut Competition Boules

Obut Competition  Boules
What makes them competition grade?

* carefully calibrated, indicating brand & model name, weight, and a unique serial number
* the 3 boules are identical within strict tolerances.
* accepted for tournaments by all Petanque Federations
* available in a wide range of alloys, hardness factors, diameters, weights, and designs

More info about competition boules at the bottom of this page.

Some we have in stock, here in Florida, others we fly in from France, within 2/4 weeks (included in our prices).

Oct '20: for non-stock items, and engraving, the delivery time from France is slowly getting back to the usual 2/4 weeks. And we do have many Match and Match IT in stock here.

OBUT - Match
Semi-soft carbon
3 designs
Many in stock
OBUT - Minimes
Junior competition boules
65 mm / 600 grams
Carbon steel - 2 designs
A few in stock
Regular price: $89.00
Sale price: $79.00
OBUT  Match  IT
Stainless semi soft boule
3 different designs
Many in stock
Regular price: $189.00
Sale price: $149.00
"Soft Thund'r"
Regular price: $187.00
Sale price: $145.00
OBUT Match+
Very soft shooter boule, but lasting.
Regular price: $209.00
Sale price: $177.00
Stainless soft
Regular price: $230.00
Sale price: $187.00
Anti-rebound carbon
Regular price: $249.00
Sale price: $214.00
CX Cou
Soft carbon
Regular price: $288.00
Sale price: $220.00
The top of the line boule.
Regular price: $369.00
Sale price: $299.00
The basics of Competition Boules

The most important part is that you have a good hold on the boule: 73 mm seems to be the average hand size. 71mm is very popular with lady players.
The most common weight is 700 grams. Remember that 1mm is only 1/25th of an inch, and 10 grams only 1/3 of an ounce, so the differences are quite small.
Designs are very much a personal preference.
"Soft" boules play better as they have less rebound. But they may get dented a bit over time.
"Hard" boules last longer.

The specifics of Competition Boules

All weights are in grams (g): 1 ounce is 28 grams.
An average 700 gram ball thus weighs 1 lb & 9 oz

All diameters are in millimeter (mm): 1 inch is 25.4 mm.
An average 72 mm boule thus has a diameter of 2-7/8"

Design (pattern)
Boules are either plain (like a billiard ball ) or have a design in the form of grooves cut around the ball, to make it easier to identify them while you play. Designs may differ from one alloy to the other and manufacturers give them a number, or a code.

Official Regulation Size & Weight
Article 2 of the International Rules of Petanque reads as follows:

Petanque is played with boules approved by the Federation and are subject to the following conditions:
  a) The boules must be made of metal.
  b) The diameter of the boules must be between 70.5 mm. (min) and 80.0 mm (max).
  c) The boules must weigh between 650 g. (min) and 800 g. (max). The trademark of the manufacturer and the weight should be engraved on the boules and must be always legible.
  d) The boules must not be weighted, sanded down or tampered with in any way, nor changed or modified after production by the Federation approved manufacturer. However the name(s) or initials of the player can be engraved on them.

When you calculate the amount of possible combinations of weights, diameters and patterns, it gives you a total of roughly 700 different varieties, per alloy!
Virtually impossible to have all in inventory at any given time, even for the factory itself. We therefore carry the most popular combinations.