Hand turned wood Petanque Boule Lifter

Hand turned wood Petanque Boule Lifter
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These lifters are hand-turned on a vintage 1945 Delta lathe. Made of exotic woods from around the world, they are finished with wax only; there is no paint or varnish to chip off. The string can be adjusted for comfort, the ring is gold-plated steel so the lifter can be worn around your neck while playing. This is preferable than keeping it in a pocket where keys, for example, will stick to it.

COCOBOLO: This beautiful dark grained hardwood comes from Central America. Typically found in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Panama. Cocobolo is also known as Caviuna, Nambar, Pau Preto and Funera. The oil in the wood gives it a fine natural polish. It is a favorite species for cutlery handles because of its attractive color, texture, durability and waterproof characteristics. Cocobolo is a medium sized tree that grows 45 to 60 ft tall.

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