Petanque America Open 2014 - Registration

Petanque America Open 2014 - Registration
Item# PAO2014Reg

July 22 - Registrations are closed. Use only for a slot on the waiting list. See tournament website.

Tournament Website

Please enter the name, city and email address of Player II in the Comments during checkout.

If you pay with Paypal, please enter your address!

The tournament is open to everyone, min. 14 years old. However, the organizers reserve the right to decline participation at their sole discretion.

Each team appoints a captain, who is responsible for registration, payment and communication. Please enter the names of both players in the COMMENTS field during checkout.

By registering, we acknowledge that our contribution for the tournament will not be refundable after October 20, 2014, that the tournament will be played by the rules of the US Petanque Federation (FPUSA), and that any decisions by the referees will be final and not open for discussion. We also agree to sign an insurance waiver form before the tournament.

$80.00 x 2 = $160.00 per team