While all you really need to play are boules and one target ball, some "tools of the trade" may come in handy.

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Glaneur Boule Lifter Magnet
3 rags + 3 target balls
Petanque america Scoreboard
$15.00, 2/$25.00, 3/$35.00
Folding cane/chair
Hand turned wood Petanque Boule telescoping lifter
Gorgeous magnetic boule lifter made out of exotic wood
Hand turned wood Petanque Boule Lifter
Gorgeous magnetic boule lifter made out of exotic wood
Petanque America Tape measure
Regular price: $8.95
Sale price: $7.25
Target Ball
Obut Magnetic target balls
Magnetic targets - easily pick them up with your boule pick-up magnet!
Magnet Boule Lifter
OBUT Magnet boule lifter + Magnetic Target
Pocket scorer
Pocket scorer with key ring
OBUT Petanque Players Kit
4 in 1 OBUT tape measure with target ball
Folding rule w/extension
ONE Acrylic Pen to Color Boules
These fine tip pens fit right in the grooves for easy and lasting marking.
Folding circle
Player's Circle
$14.00, 3/$36.00, 6/$66.00